As a Herbalife member, we would like to offer you the boot camp for £65 instead of the regular price of £149 for non members.

This includes

  • 15 exercise sessions

  • 2x endurance tests

  • 17x protein shakes - one after every workout

  • 1x t-shirt

  • 2x consultation & body scans

  • Recipes for every meal

  • Snack recipes

  • Ongoing online coaching, motivation and support


However to join, you will need to purchase your own products through your own ID at a 25% discount (or more if you're at 35%-50%).

The basic package that you would need to buy is:

  • 2x tubs of the Herbalife Formula 1 protein powder (flavour of your choice)

  • Rachel Allen recipe book

PLUS any ONE of the following

  • 1 tub Protein Drink Mix OR

  • 1 tub Personalised Protein Powder OR

  • 1 tub Oat Apple Fibre OR

  • 1 bottle Aloe Mango OR

  • 1 bottle Tea


We will go through this list of products and their benefits, when we do the first scan right before boot camp starts. If you'd like to chat in advance about what products you would need to get the best results for you, just email or whatsapp us and we're happy help.


This time around, we're asking only those who are seriously engaged - ready to work towards killer results and are willing to commit to the meal plan and exercises - to join.


We hope you decide to join us and we can't wait to see everyone's amazing transformations!! :)

Diala & Johan



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WEDNESDAY (Exclusive for Boot Camp)

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