A Little Bit About Us

Everything we do is fun, simple and magical.


Our goal is to get YOU into the best shape of your life.


We provide a complete and wholesome approach to health and wellbeing through fitness, nutrition, accountability, support, and a lot of fun all in one place!


Gyms focus purely on fitness while nutrition therapists focus purely on diets. But we know, that the two go hand-in-hand. Our high intensity sessions coupled with our nutrition solutions are guaranteed to deliver you the best results.


Balanced nutrition is not about counting calories or eliminating food groups such as zero-carb diets. No matter your goal, we want to help you become healthier and happier and stay there. We can help you enhance your nutrition by putting together a personalised meal plan that will boost your energy and help you reach your goals.


Our formula for a healthy and active lifestyle is simple; 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. With the right knowledge and support from our coaches and community, we can help you achieve 100% results.


What would it mean to become the 'best version of yourself'? A boost of confidence? Feeling healthier? Improved sports performance? Whatever your goal is our coaches provide the motivation and inspiration to develop the daily healthy habits that will get you there.

Sign up for a free wellness check and let’s get you started on a fantastic journey!


Our fun-loving community embraces a healthy active lifestyle that is sustainable for a lifetime.

Our Coaches

Diala Lada

Chatty curly-haired fitness lover with a passion for helping people develop healthy nutrition and exercise habits!

Johan Moller

Crazy Swede and sports fanatic with a passion for living a healthy active lifestlyle.

Are you a people person who has an interest in health, nutrition, sports & fitness?

Would you like to be part of a close-knit, hard working, dedicated and fun crew?

Speak to one of our coaches if you’re interested in joining our team!



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Please note that during the coronavrius pandemic we are only hosting online sessions

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